The Plasmodium falciparum (P. falciparum) reticulocyte binding protein homologue 5 (PfRH5) has recently shown great promise to be developed as a vaccine candidate to prevent blood stage malaria. Historically observed difference in the immunogenicity and efficacy profile of full-length PfRH5 antigen could also be attributed to its production methods, lack of characterization and structural integrity. To conduit this gap, methods have been developed to produce a well characterized full-length PfRH5 in E. coli expression system and further demonstrated its scalability up to 30 L fermenter scale. PfRH5 is refolded using DoE approach followed by a twostep chromatographic purification to get highly purified antigen. Thermal and fluorescence characterization of purified PfRH5 revealed its melting temperature and aggregation profile. Moreover, refolded and purified PfRH5 elicited high antibody titers while adjuvanted with GLA-SE during mice in vivo studies.


Dr. Arjun Raghuwanshi received his doctorate in Biotechnology from Pune University (SBPPU), India. He is currently employed as the General Manager of Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., Pune. He holds 18 years of rich experience in bio therapeutics, vaccines, process development and manufacturing operations. He worked for major Indian biopharmaceutical companies such as Wockhardt., Zenotech, Century, and Intas Pharmaceuticals. He developed various biosimilar products for the Indian and semi-regulated markets, including recombinant human Insulin, EPO, TNK-tPA, GCSF, PEG GCSF, Peg-Asparaginase, and Bevacizumab. He is currently working on a number of lead vaccine candidates in the fields of Malaria and Covid-19. To combat the ongoing pandemic, his team recently developed a SamRNA vaccine against Covid-19, which is now in phase II/III clinical trials in India. He holds two US process patents on recombinant GCSF (US 20180223270A1) and
TNK-tPA, (US20170210784A1) and also recently received an Indian patent on Bevacizumab ophthalmic composition, WO2021019576A1. In addition, he has published his research work in high repute journals and presented during various international conferences as invited speaker.