Contamination is the presence of unwanted material on the desirable surface. Bio-contamination is the undesirable presence of the microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi or end products such as endotoxin and mycotoxins inside a medium and leads to a toxic effect on the living organisms. Since ancient times, microbial organisms have been used as potent biowarfare agents. From the battle of Tortola to Botulinum toxin in world war two, there was and is continuous use of the Biocontaminents as the Biological Warfare Agents or potential CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) agent. The current Covid-19 crisis in the world puts a question mark concerning the preparation of the nations to mitigate natural disasters. There is an urgent requirement for research and innovation in mass decontamination in Biological emergencies.

Dr. Navneet Sharma completed his master’s in Pharmaceutics from the JSS University Mysuru and Ph.D. from DIPSAR University of Delhi at Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). His work was inclined more towards applied R&D, especially needs- based product development. He had devised and used pharmacoscintigraphic procedures for its preclinical evaluation of the drug delivery systems in various experimental models of disease. In collaboration with the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Govt of India, he developed the dermal formulations for broad-spectrum decontamination. For the past four years, his work has been exclusively focused on the Medical Management of CBRN Emergencies. Currently, He is working as a scientist at IIT Delhi on the universal formulation for the CBRN decontamination of skin. The first quarter of the previous year motivated him to develop solutions for viral decontamination from living and inanimate surfaces. He was among the 4 Eminent Scientists from the country who got the fast track Covid-19 decontamination project from the Department of Sciences and Technology (DST). In his brief research carrier of 3 years, he had acclaimed eight national and international awards. The most prominent among them are the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Covid-19 best innovation award 2020 and the Department of Science and Technology Young Scientist Award- 2018. He had filled and granted ten national patents, and four technologies successfully transferred to the industry. He had 45 publications, including five book chapters, authored two books for Director-General Life Sciences DRDO, and Edited two books.